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Kimmeridge Bay Beach

Kimmeridge, Dorset

An unusual beach of sand and fossil bearing shale, popular with divers and snorkellers. The wave set-up here makes it a popular destination for wave-sailing windsurfers and surfers.

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This is a very unusual beach indeed! Surrounded by cliffs around the bay there are fascinating rock formations some created by the Romans mining for coal. There are 'pavements' of rock which stretch out into the sea and are exposed at lower tide. There are hundreds of rockpools and opportunties for spotting fabulous flora and fauna. However, this is NOT a sandy beach. There is not a scrap of sand anywhere, and it's not a hugely comfortable place for lying about eithere.. Cushions and blankets are essential as it's covered in smooth, well worn, but large rocks & pebbles. BEWARE THE DOUBLE TIDE if making plans especially involving walking across/around the bay area. There is also a very steep descent from the clifftop car park, which is the only way to access it. All that being said it's a wonderful, safe and fun place to take a young family.

Marijke Miles, 22 May 2011

Lovely place to visit. Be aware of the £5.00 (20120 per car entry fee.

Wendy, 7 January 2013

Not much here really a small marine centre very poor really.Nice walks around bay.But £5 charge a total joke for entry and parking, the biggest rip off ive experienced in Dorset.The toilets on site were a total disgrace filthy dirty with human waste all over the walls in the ladies.I would not advise anyone wasting £5 to go there plenty of better places to go and wont cost as much.

Jon, 30 October 2013

One of our favourite places in Dorset. Ignore the other, poor, reviews - they clearly have no idea what their talking about. Also the water quality is very good, you get crystal clear waters over interesting reefs with hundreds of fish, crabs and lobsters. Great for snorkelling. Fossil hunting is not bad too. There IS sand on this beach - its underwater, where there is a variety of habitats from rocky reef, kelp forests, to sandy patches. Kestrels and peregrine falcons often seen here. Cannot rate this place enough. If you don't like the toll/car park fee, then go somewhere else. If your lazy, soft bum can't handle sitting on pebbles/rock for long then go to Bournemouth with the crowds and leave this stunning place to those that actually appreciate it!

Ele, 27 July 2014

Terrible. £5 for parking regardless of how long you spend here. I complained to the rude staff taking the money who then proceeded to make hand gestures as we drove away. Nothing pleasant about this bay. Go elsewhere, where parking is affordable and staff are pleasant!

S woolford, 29 August 2016

An open area of rugged seaside which is good for rockpools and viewing the cliffs. The £5.00 per car access fee is a huge rip off unwarranted by the fact is that all it enables is vehicle access to get down to part of our coastline. The landlord is really 'taking the mickey' when they keep the same £5.00 charge all day ....doesn't matter whether you turn up at 8.00am or 4.00pm ....same charge. Time the authorities took control of this and provided reasonable hourly charges.

Michael West, 24 October 2016

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