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Portreath Beach

Portreath, Cornwall

A sand and shingle beach set in a bay backed by cliffs on one side and the pier and car park on the other. A stream runs down the middle of the beach to the sea. The beach is popular with families and surfers.

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As a local I am dismayed that there continues to be a car parking charge for this beach in the out of season period. I cannot see how this can be justified. There is not even a cold water tap where one can wash the sand from one's feet or buckets and spades. I have never seen the beach being cleaned either. The pleasures that it affords are entirely natural. In Spain where we holiday sometimes, the beach is 5km long, is cleaned on a daily basis, and there are taps every 200/300 metres. If they can manage that on such a huge beach, surely it can be managed at Portreath. There are no charging car parks either! It can't cost a fortune to install a tap. Any any comment on winter charges? How do you justify this? Visitors to Cornwall must feel really ripped off.

Christine Brown, 17 January 2013

I agree about the parking charges. We regularly take our dog to the beach and there are never more than 3 cars in the car park and yet it still charges. On the other hand there are plenty of cars parked along the roads restricting the road width. Surely up until Easter they can afford to drop the charges.

I also agree about the lack of a water tap. Our dog is always thirsty after his exercise and I'm sure he would appreciate some fresh water rather than sea water.

Sue, 19 January 2013

Dismayed to read comments, usual restrictions on freedom of choice and lack of care towards a large community of Dog owners and the dog, had hoped in first week of April in Cornwall that we would be able to stay here and enjoy walking our Dog, but it seems the Dog Hating NAZI's have inflicted a Debilitating ban on being able to walk you're Dog, on Portreath Beach!!
Easter to October!
Shelled out out a lot of cash to be next to the beach (Mrs H has a problem with Mobility), thought great just the right place, right next to beach, then discover that Dog Ban is not May 1st, like most beaches (Still to Much!) but Easter, one week before we go!!
At least apply common sense... Want to be Family friendly, then keep the restrictions for Family Holiday time ie the School Holidays.
My Dog just wants a run in the sand a splash in the sea, and sorry he poops out of holiday season, as well as in, but like all REAL Dog Owners we clear up after him and dispose of Properly!
NOT loking forward to Portreath at all.

Guy H, 9 February 2013

Hi guys, I am a local to the area and use the beach regulary, my 6 children live it there.
there is actually a water tap based at the left half side of the building where the ticket machine is. Although I didnt know this myself until 2 years ago..dogs can go on the beach after 7 in the evening all year round so I think u could have mistaking it.. anyway enjoy it.. everyone will soon complian its too cold!

mummy2siix, 3 September 2013

this site information regarding the buses in incorrect! There is a regularbus service throughout the year! No 43 has an hourly service. This might encourage more visitors knowing that there is a decent public transport service from the village.

JoJo, 31 January 2014

The exploitation of the motorist in Cornwall has come to Portreath and the main car park is now charging city centre prices. Yes folks - day or night, winter or summer, its ONE POUND per hour (no exemptions for the disabled). Totally outrageous and unnecessary.

AVOID at all costs - park on the hill, the road and/or anywhere you can but please help us all but sending a clear messages that these prices will not be tolerated.

Kernow13, 19 October 2016

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