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Prestatyn. Barkby beach Beach

Prestatyn, Ddinbych / Denbighshire

A long sandy beach with rocky breakwaters and a promenade.

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We went to Prestatyn for a day out and well loved it
The arcade was great and the cafe was good even though the.blonde girl came on to my husband
But overall we will definetley go back

Ps its a blue flag beach too

Julie wiz williams, 26 May 2012

Me and my family all had a great day out at the Beach, free playground and at The Central Beach Cafe in the amusement arcade. We enjoyed delicious fish and chips and fun games, however our day was spoiled by a dark haired worker inside the arcade. He was quite rude so therefor we will not be coming again. But thanks for the great day out!

Mrs. Roberts, 7 June 2012

It was a lovely sunny day when we went to Prestatyn
Beach was beautiful
The arcade and cafe were great value for money but don't go to cafe Cymru its not really a cafe and is very expensive
The crazy golf is ok ask for mouse he's the manager don't get to close ( bad breath)
All in all a good day out but watch for blonde girl in cafe
Kay I think
she flirts with the married men

Norman bates, 10 June 2012

Really enjoyed our day
Had great fun in arcade and ate in cafe
We went to nova for a swim and I had a quick piss in the pool
Look at me big ans them are nice and clean
Got Kay's number in cafe but don't tell the missis
Can't wait to return to win more key rings for our rhianna

Mustafa crap, 12 July 2012

Had a great time was served by Thor in the box
He's the biggest man I've seen ripping phone books
With his eyelids
Saw Kay in cafe she tried to snog me
Went for a pint with johnny worm boy and mr McDonald
Got some breath freshener from mouse
Try the chicken teddies they don't taste of fish or teddie
Weird eh

Big fella, 17 August 2012

Something needs doing about the blonde !

kcjones, 1 December 2012

We took our dog and were having a great time, until the tide started to go out, leaving behind thick black mud which was ankle deep. We saw families getting stuck in it and children getting quite frightened. We saw no warning signs about this and we had to walk back to the main car park to find washing facilities.

Lyon, 15 June 2014

Highly recommended but only go between mid tide - to high tide as at low tide there are mud flaps and they are not pleasant. This is a long sandy beach and it is really enjoyable on a sunny day. The sand is good for sandcastle building. There is a long concrete promenade on which you can ride bikes and is suitable for wheel chairs and pushchairs. When the tide is in you can see seals every day - watch out for them. If the tide is out be careful as the sea can come in behind you and cut you off in some parts but the beach patrol will let you now during high season. The beach is patrolled by life guards but you need to swim between the flags which are near the Nova opposite the care park. The beach is accessible by the way of a ramp situated near the right of the Nova as you look at it from the road. There are steps down to the beach otherwise pretty accessible form the prom all the way along. There are parts of the beach where dogs are allowed on a lead but mostly dogs are not
There is a small Arcade. Two well equipped parks by the Arcade with a few benches to sit on You can purchase ice creams and some food here - such as fish and chips - which you can eat in or take away it's not over priced. There is an area over looking the park where you can eat outside. Alternatively you can eat at the Nova, which is a degree above the Arcade in terms of food - the service here can be a bit slow and its hit and miss with regards to service, I believe they are working on this. Inside the Nova there is a small soft play area and a swimming pool with no slides and disappointingly no see view from the pool. On a Wednesday and Saturday pm the put a few floats in the water - in 2018 there is a new water park coming to Rhyl.
The crazy golf costs £2.50 per child and £3.50 per Adult it's a bit over priced in my opinion but it seems popular.
Bad points -
Holiday makers / day trippers tend to spoil the beach by drinking, swearing and leaving their rubbish as they can't be bothered taking it to the bin.... oh and making up stories about a woman called Kay which are just not even a tiny bit amusing,,,,sigh.... so please if you are one of these people please disregard all I have written above above **** it's a really awful beach - stay away.

Local, 5 July 2017

I was on this beach in the early morning watching the sunrise. You have to be very careful on this beach, there are areas of it that have a thick, black mud. If you step in the wrong place you will begin to sink. It's like quicksand. I went down to my waist very quickly but managed to spread out my upper body weight and claw myself out. I was exhausted and the mud stinks to high heaven. I can't believe there are no warnings about this.

Jonnydc71, 5 February 2016

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